About Me

“You don’t need cultural references to enjoy a work of art”

Jan Avgikos

Hi! My name is Louisa and I am an art writer and consultant specializing in helping museums develop interpretative materials. I bridge the gap between museums and their audience by writing texts that both empower and challenge their visitors and make art more accessible. My goal is to help people become active participants in the construction of meaning.

I specialize in writing about women artists and artists of color, making the art world think more about questions of gender and race. I started this blog to write about my personal art experiences, especially about works by marginalized artists. When studying art history, I was shocked how few classes were taught about women artists and artists of color. This blog is a way for me to further educate myself as well as provide some interesting insights to people who are also interested in art that isn’t considered “the canon”.

I have worked for the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Museum Folkwang, freshmuseum.com, and TASCHEN. Feel free to reach out!

Here is some of my previous work: